Design Process 

 Step 1 

Firstly we will draw pictures of the design ideas, gradually we will decide which design will then be best to use. Design is not just a case of drawing an object and then making it. Because we both design and manufacture we can design jewellery that will be practical to wear and manufacture.


Step 2

Next we will go about making the components that will be needed to make a finished article. We will keep referring to our design at this stage to ensure that the item is as we envisaged.



Step 3

At this point we will begin to assemble all the components by hand again as we are assembling the piece we will refer back to the design to make certain all the components are exact.



Step 4

The design has now become a fine piece of jewellery and is now ready for the stones to be set by our craftsman into the item, in this case diamonds are to be used


Step 5

With the stones now in place the jewellery is now ready for a final design check and on to the polishing process.


Step 6

And here it is from the first design concept to a finished fine quality p
iece of jewellery.